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    1. filthymcnastyog Post author

      Lol Manning. Manning took the same team to the payoffs that Tebow did. Guess Manning and Tebow are the same skill level. Manning is FAR from “the team” that McDaniels built. Belichick didn’t do well at his first head coaching job either and look what happened……he became greatest coach in history…..just saying.

      1. rajbais

        Btw, Tebow beat teams with bad or injured QBs:

        injured Big Ben,
        Mark Sanchez,
        Matt Moore,
        Caleb Hanie,
        carson palmer new to oakland
        A slumping Phillip Rivers (18 INT)
        Matt Cassel, Tyler Palko

        TEBOW IS A FRAUD!!!!

        Also, how’s alphonso smith doing? How’s jd walton doing? How’s Perrish Cox doing??

        Why did Robert Ayers, Knowshon, and Zane Beadles stink under Josh??

      2. rajbais

        How did Josh do in St. Louis??

        Also, why hire an ex-Belichick assistant???

        Mangini had 1 playoff appearance and Romeo Crennel had just one 10-win season.

        Why hire them??

        How did Jim Schwartz do in Detroit???

      3. filthymcnastyog Post author

        Josh is young. I think he learned a lot in denver. I’m not saying he will be great, just that the jury is still out. The Not For Long league which is today’s NFL doesn’t even give coaches a chance to put their players on the field. 90% of the time they are coaching the the previous coaches failed draft choices. John Fox is coaching Josh’s….

      4. rajbais

        No he didn’t. After Billy O left and Josh took over how come they’re not in the Super Bowl!!!

        Also, how do you learn so much after not completing 2 years???

      5. filthymcnastyog Post author

        I think Seattle showed how great a coach John Fox is. I haven’t seen a SB that bad since the 90’s. Oh except maybe the colts/bears. Wait…..only one QB had a worse passer rating in a super bowl then Peyton did this year…….hold on let me think……..oh yeah…..It was Rex Grossman in the Peyton’s only SB win…….sad.

      6. rajbais

        John fox has been to 2 Super Bowls.

        Your idiot McDaniels never went to the postseason.

        Belichick went to the playoffs in Cleveland!!!!!

      7. rajbais

        Btw, guess who were McDaniels’ assistants in 2009???!!!!

        Mike Nolan – Def. Coordinator!!!!
        Rick Dennison – O-Line coach!!!

        Dennison is a reputable o-line coach with zone blocking schemes that get random 1000-yard rushers!!!!

        Then what happened??

        McDaniels acted like a jerk to both of them (Nolan however was hired by Bowlen, not McDaniels and Dennison was a Shanahan employee) and both left after 2009!!!

        Also, Denver went 8-8 with Shanahan in 2008.

        How’s McDaniels special???

        McDaniels = Fraud, jerk, scumbag, team killer, loser, idiot, jackass!!!

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